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This is a compiled list of all the episodes of Nickelodeon’s iCarly for which I have written.

  1. “iLove You” posted September 24th 2011
    The Seddie saga comes to a close in a strong episode that reflects the signs of a maturing sitcom.
  2. “iPear Store” posted May 12th 2012
    Freddie and Sam get jobs. Hijinks ensue.
  3. “iBattle Chip” posted June 9th 2012
    Chuck returns with a vengeance… and an ally named Chip. It’s on like Donkey Kong!
  4. “iShock America” posted October 6th 2012
    Jimmy Fallon guest stars in an episode, and so does Gibby’s “danger zone.” Oops!
  5. “iGet Banned” posted October 13th 2012
    Carly and Sam are the masters of their environment in an episode where Freddie’s mom being quirky is actually useful!
  6. “iFind Spencer Friends” posted October 20th 2012
    Finding Spencer friends his own age is more trouble than it’s worth. Also, Emma Stone jumps onto a table. So that happens.
  7. “iRescue Carly” posted October 28th 2012
    Sam’s friend Dana is out of prison, manifesting the inner conflict of Puckett in a butter-sock-swinging smash party of an episode.

This is a compiled list of all the episodes of Nickelodeon’s Victorious for which I have written.

  1. “Who Did It To Trina?” posted September 18th 2011
    My first review of the show posted to this blog, where I contemplate the show’s attempt at a Rashomon episode.
  2. April Fools Blank” posted March 24th 2012
    A double-review of iCarly and Victorious‘s spectacularly absurdist April Fools Day episodes, ruminating on the structural strength of multi-camera sitcoms.
  3. “Tori Goes Platinum” posted May 19th 2012
    Season three’s hour-long episode brings the Jade/Beck breakup from earlier in the season to the front again for an outstanding outing of the series that showcases the strengths of Victoria Justice, Avan Jogia, and Elizabeth Gillies as actors. Also includes one of Victoria Justice’s out-and-out best songs and performances to date.
  4. “Crazy Ponnie” posted June 9th 2012
    Jennette McCurdy (iCarly) guest-stars in an episode that explores celebrity status from the perspective of “the little people.”
  5. “The Blonde Squad” posted June 30th 2012
    The girls go blonde but end up downplaying themselves in an episode that draws parallels between exes Jade and Beck and discusses physical characteristics and the detriment they can be to being yourself.
  6. “Wanko’s Warehouse” posted September 23rd 2012
    Victorious kicks off its fourth and final season with an episode that emphasizes the core strengths the series has come to recognize and nourish over the past couple of years.
  7. “The Hambone King” posted September 29th 2012
    Tori faces an old foe in a spoof on classic underdog films.
  8. “Opposite Date” posted October 13th 2012
    Tori and Beck have an “opposite date” with Cat and Jade in tow in an episode that masterfully uses the multi-camera sitcom’s limited sets to its advantage.
  9. “Three Girls and a Moose” posted October 20th 2012
    Beck’s friend Moose comes to town, causing a Canadian ruckus among the girls in an episode that reveals more about them than the boy they’re in love with.
  10. “Tori Fixes Beck And Jade” posted December 2nd 2012
    Beck and Jade reunite in an episode that celebrates Jade as a person and counter-balances the previous week’s horrendous gender politics.
  11. “Brain Squeezers” posted January 13th 2013
    The Hollywood Arts crew wind up at the hands of a sadistic game show in an episode fully in touch with the show’s surreal vibe.
  12. “Victori-Yes” posted February 2nd 2013
    Victorious comes to a close, appropriately enough at the behest of a Sikowitz class-wide challenge.

This is a compiled list of all the episodes of Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat for which I have written.

  1. “#Pilot” posted June 8th 2013
    The new iCarly/Victorious spinoff series begins by looking forward and backward at the same time.

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