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Supernatural: “Citizen Fang” and Once Upon A Time: “Queen of Hearts”

Or, The Benefits and Detriments of Theme in Television

Theme is one of Aristotle’s Six Key Elements of Drama, and it’s an important one too: knowing why you’re writing something is as important as who’s in it (character) and what they’re doing (plot). But on television, theme can often be a detriment to crafting good drama. Just ask anyone who was disappointed with Battlestar Galactica‘s second half or LOST‘s final season and it seems self-evident that established themes can hinder a television show as much as it can help it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Supernatural — “We Need To Talk About Kevin”

The big problem, broadly speaking, with Supernatural‘s sixth and seventh seasons is what appeared at first to be a general lack of focus, with subplots being dropped for seemingly no reason and twists coming almost from out of nowhere only to be the driving force for a while. In hindsight, though, what Sera Gamble and the writers of the show tried to do was actually not bad in theory: mimicking film, the show adopted a three-act story structure for both seasons, so as to allow for one-offs the writers had always wanted to do and the obligatory fan-service episodes that keep people coming back for more (“The French Mistake” did nothing if not unite the fandom for one brief week in the middle of the wasteland that was season six.) while still having a plot that moves forward regardless of anything else. Read the rest of this entry »

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