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Looking back on 2012, looking forward to 2013

Welcome to 2013! It’s been a long and strange road for me since I started actively blogging about television last year. I don’t usually like to draw too much attention to everything I do all at once, but in advance of any new blog posts going up here on Wayward Television (including the first Victorious review of 2013, where I’ll talk about the sadistic “Brain Squeezers”), I wanted to look back at pieces I wrote on other websites and reflect a bit on the past six months. Read the rest of this entry »

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Breaking Bad, Firefly, So Weird, some other stuff

After much tortured debate, I’ve decided to discontinue writing about Breaking Bad for the time being. I may revisit the idea later on, but the method I had for writing about the show has ended up being too time-consuming, and I find myself suddenly out of free time to consume.

Speaking of which, my Summer of Fireflypost this week will be delayed until next week. I put a lot of my efforts this week into constructing the first of my So Weird reviews for This Was TV, and I still have a ways to go before I can get ahead of the curve.

And hey! My So Weird reviews are live as of today! Each week, I’ll be pontificating on the show, focusing on a) its relationship to other genre shows of its kind and b) the way it both reflects the Disney Channel’s efforts at branding as well as how that branding betrayed the show in the end. I hope you’ll come back each Thursday for the discussion!

Lastly, though I didn’t get around to watching the preview of Go On, one of NBC’s most talked about new shows of the fall season, my interest is rather piqued by all the discussion around it. I’m cautiously optimistic for it; the ratings for its preview last night were good, and NBC could use a winning show.

That’s all for now. Here’s another kitten.

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This Was TV plus announcements

This is a shameless plug for a new TV site called This Was TV (Twitter @ThisWasTV), which describes itself as “flipping through television’s past” — neat! Check out the schedule here.

I’ve just finished setting down my scattered-but-hopefully-pointed-and-poignant thoughts on Firefly‘s pilot episode “Serenity” for tomorrow (June 1st) to coincide with The AV Club’s viewing of the show on TV Club Classic. The general idea is for each post on each episode to be about something new and different. It could be an alternate angle on a storyline or character, or just random observations about how the episode plays on second (or for me probably closer to one hundredth) viewing. I’ll also be including some extra Browncoat links to help showcase some of the great things the Browncoats have been doing to keep Firefly alive over the years. (Incidentally, it’s been a full decade since Firefly came and went from our TV screens.)

Over yonder at TV Surveillance, I’ll be contributing a piece for Test Pilot on the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno Incredible Hulk TV show as part of a superhero-themed week. I won’t spoil you on what my thoughts will be like there, but I watched the pilot last night and was immediately glad that I decided to take this one. As you can see from the schedule, my post goes lives on Tuesday, June 5th. Don’t miss it, or you’ll make me angry… and you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

Finally, here at my own blog, I’m preparing some time this summer to start watching and talking about Spaced, the seminal British TV series from Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson, and Edgar Wright. More on that soon. In addition, I’m likely to continue posting about Victorious and iCarly as those shows continue onward this summer. I’m probably going to start focusing more on iCarly, as it’s recently been announced that the show will be ending in November, but if you’ve read this blog at all you know I just can’t resist Victorious.

So now I just have to go write those things. Keep an eye out for me!

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